Harvey was built in December 2016 and sold on TheDealersden. In January 2017.
He was built with the intention to be sold (but not as a commission), thus it has no body on the images but he got one in February 2017.

beide.jpg beide2.jpg harvey1.jpg harvey10.jpg harvey12.jpg harvey13.jpg harvey14.jpg harvey15.jpg harvey16.jpg harvey17.jpg harvey19.jpg harvey2.jpg harvey20.jpg harvey21.jpg harvey22.jpg harvey23.jpg harvey3.jpg harvey4.jpg harvey5.jpg harvey6.jpg harvey7.jpg harvey9.jpg twitter.jpg


Hiero is a Husky and was built between September 2016 and November 2016. He is a commissioned suit.

2.jpg 3.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg P1150602.JPG P1150603.JPG P1150606.JPG


Luno the Red Kangaroo was built in March 2016.
Since I started building fursuits I wanted to build a kangaroo. The challenge here was making a kangaroo-like body which can be recognized as such even without head.

gras2.jpg gras3.jpg gras4.jpg gras5.jpg gras6.jpg reifen10.jpg reifen11.jpg reifen2.jpg reifen3.jpg reifen5.jpg reifen6.jpg reifen7.jpg reifen82.jpg reifen9.jpg rizzorattie.jpg tür.jpg tür10.jpg tür12.jpg tür2.jpg tür3.jpg tür5.jpg tür7.jpg uni.jpg uni3.jpg uni5.jpg uni6.jpg